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Since 2015, Live Edge Wood Designs has sought to produce high quality, sustainably sourced solid wood and steel furniture, home décor, and installations.  We take pride in the design process, striving for elegant, modern designs showcasing originality and the natural beauty of the hardwoods available locally in North Carolina.  The furniture we create is intended to withstand the test of time and live on to tell a story of its own.


Live Edge Wood Designs is a two man operation run by Quinn Ferebee and Doug Boytos, not a furniture factory turning out mass produced products.  Each piece we create is handmade from scratch with care and attention to meet our clients individual needs.  All aspects of the build process from design to delivery are conducted by the two of us.  Our goal is to offer a unique, personal, and custom experience from start to finish.   

Come see us at our new location and showroom, just outside of downtown Raleigh, to view our one of a kind pieces available for purchase or discuss a custom project.  We work with home owners, interior designers, and architects to create unique pieces of furniture to enhance homes, offices and commercial spaces.  We also have an extensive portfolio of pieces to choose from and replicate.  


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